What are Alfafile premium account prices?

alafile premium account prices

We all need adequate storage means for all our cherished images, music, videos and other documents. Hard drives however can be tedious and thus the need for cloud storage services. At the top of its game is with worldwide recognition for exemplary services. Alfafile however does not just offer regular cloud storage services as they have a premium service that puts at the top of their game.

Technological advancement is on the rise and the internet is one of the greatest aspects of it. Based in Scotland and operating in a large scope of Europe, Alfafile is not being left behind. Generally, Alfafile is an online cloud storage service provider so that it handles matters such as uploads at higher speeds, secure server systems and download transfers. One of the most outstanding dynamics of Alfafile is Alfafile premium account which although is offered at a nominal price, comes with multiple advantages.

What are Alfafile premium account advantages?

alafile premium account prices

Generally, the advantages include unlimited downloads, unlimited download speeds, allowance for parallel downloads, no download restrictions, hot linking allowed, instant downloads, faster download speeds even when servers are crowded, support for resuming downloads, secure servers and support for download accelerators. More conspicuous benefit are as detailed below;

First, there are higher speeds with alfafile premium account as opposed to the free Alfafile account this is with the effect that you no longer have to be slowed down while accessing or operating on your loud file. This works in such a way that with a premium account your IP address is directed to special servers that are less crowded than the free accounts. These servers are specially designed for spontaneous and better performance, especially because there is lesser traffic.

With the Alfafile premium, you get direct access to all your cloud content. Holders of free accounts on the other hands do not enjoy this feature following that while downloads are being processed a timer is set up so as to indicate how long it will take. Likewise, they also get ad banners which can be annoying.

Larger upload sizes are guaranteed with Alfafile premium account. Free accounts come with maximum spaces of about 2GB max or in some instances 1Gb. This however is clearly a setback as most High Definition quality videos might exceed the provided 2GB. Furthermore, the uploads are unlimited with Alfafile premium.

Alfafile premium account also allows for direct uploads into your cloud account via a URL link. This is as opposed to the tedious process of transferring files into the computer then uploading them into the server to your cloud account. The direct URL link applies to files of various kinds ranging from torrent files, website URls or even FTP server files. This feature is unique and not available in most cloud storage services. It’s simple and all you have to do is enter the URL then the file of choice will be directly downloaded into your Alfafile storage account.

Alfafile premium cloud storage services come with an unlimited storage capacity within the cloud. This means that you have the provision to continuously upload files and data into the cloud without worrying about limits. This also means goodbye to external storage devices which come with limited capacity and need constant replacements just to facilitate storage of more files.

Alfafile premium accounts also allow for parallel downloads. Other free accounts come with limitations so that you only get one download at a go, then you can begin a fresh download when the previous download is complete. Alfafile premium accounts come integrated with download accelerators which ensure speedy downloads even when your own internet connection is not at its optimum. This makes the whole process much faster and convenient.

The good news is that although offers their premium cloud account services at a nominal fee, there are internet service providers and broadband services that offer Alfafile premium services for free along with their packages. Beware of scammers though, check for authenticity before you pick such internet packages.

Also, one of the perks of the premium services come in various clusters according to how you can best afford the services. They have 30 day plans (For 12.99$ and 19.99$), 90 day plans (For 34.99$) and 180 day plans (49.99$); all at different prices but the same quality services.

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