alafile premium account prices

What is the maximum file size for upload and download?
Maximum file size for upload is 2 GB for free users and 50 GB for premium users.
Maximum file size for download is 2 GB for free users and 50 GB for premium users

How long will you keep files in premium account?
Such files are not removed untill your premium account is canceled or ended.

How do I download files?
You can download files with any download manager or simply by clicking on file link.

What kind of data can I store?
You can store any content which not violates our Terms.

Can other users view my content?
We never allow other users to search in our website, however if you share links to your files on internet, than search engines like google may able to index your content.

What is hot link?
Hot link allows you to create session independent link, so you can share your file with your friends and they can download your content without alfafile.net account. But in this case we’ll deduct used bandwidth from your account.

What is one time download?
One time download is good for content owners. It allows you to create a download link which can be used only once. Once file is downloaded, link will not be usable anymore. This way you can control distribution of your content.
With one download link you can create a link just for one download by single person. Simply select file for which you want to create “one time download” link and click right mouse button. After it one time download link is created and you can share it with your colleague.

What is “Call back url” in “one time download link” window?
This option can be used for website owners in order to see if link been used for download. Once user click the link, our system will send response ( file id number) to callback url which you provide in your setting

How do I make my file private?
Go to My Files section and select file which you want to make “private”. Click right mouse button and select “File Access”-> “Private”

How do I make file public?
Go to My Files section and select file which you want to make “public”. Click right mouse button and select “File Access”-> “PUBLIC”

When files are deleted?
For free users files are deleted after 30 days if they are not downloaded.

What are the benefits of Premium-account?
– No ads
– Unlimited speed
– One time download
– Hot downloads
– Direct downloads
– Parallel downloads
– Resume download support

What payment methods do you accept?
At this moment We accept Visa and Mastercard only.

I’m afraid to pay by credit card , are you sure it’s safe?
All transactions are protected with ssl and transmitted to our bank via secure connection. We never store your card information on our servers.

Can I share premium-account with other people?
We offer premium accounts only for personal use. In case we discover that account is shared, we reserve the right to close such account without any refund.

How much does Premium-account cost?
We have few premium subscription plans which you can use:
You can see our actual pricing plans on our order page
Lowest price starts from $12.99 USD.

How do I cancel subscription with monthly payments?
You can cancel your subscription simply by visiting user payment page and then you need to uncheck Subscription renewal box. Once it is done, please click button “Save changes”.

I purchased a Premium-account, but my account is not premium yet?
Please contact our customer support at Support page and provide first 6 digits of your credit card and last 4 digits.
Also please include cardholder name.

Can I use alfafile for free?
Yes, but your download speed will be limited.

Is it possible to search files ?
We do not index content uploaded by other users. You can search only in your files.

I forgot my password, what can I do?
You need to request new password and follow instruction in email which we’ll send you.

How can i upload files?
It’s very simple. Go to “My Files” section and Click “Upload” button, then select upload method ( Web Upload, FTP or Remote Upload).
– For Web Upload, simply drop files in upload window or click “Add files” button, use file explorer to search and select the file.
After upload finishes, you will receive your file download and deletion link ( You need to click “share” button . You can delete files with unique link, that you get after upload process completes. or in “My Files” section.
– For Remote Upload, select Remote Upload in Upload menu, insert url in new pop up window and press “Ok” button.

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